Are you interested in getting to know yourself and your chart at a deeper level? Hidden Gift Astrology provides significant discounts for scheduled readings on an ongoing basis. These are also great options for anyone who is looking to build upon their own astrological skills, discuss new techniques, and prepare to read for others themselves. Check out the options below for more information.

Your support is crucial for keeping Hidden Gift Astrology up and running, which includes providing low-cost, accessible astrology services to all, along with producing free content on our blog and YouTube page. We love our clients, and want to give back and connect in exchange for your financial contributions. Thanks for helping us thrive!

CHEERLEADER: Think of this like sending a cosmic high-five, for just $3.33 a month. We appreciate you!

SUPPORTER LEVEL: For $11.11, you get access to a monthly worksheet that goes into the energy that we can expect for the next four weeks, exercises to help you reflect on what’s going on with your own natal chart, and some advice or words of wisdom to keep in mind. A great complement to reading your monthly horoscope. Plus, be the first to know about special offerings and sales on readings.

QUARTERLY ASTRO-CALL: At this level, you get all the benefits of the “supporter” level, plus a quarterly astro-call with Elena. We can discuss anything you like - your chart and upcoming transits, any particular astrological concepts you’re interested in, misconceptions you’ve seen circulated on the net, and so on.

MONTHLY ASTRO-CALL: A monthly astro-call is a great way to stay on track and get an astrologer's take on what you should focus on to reach your goals in the long-term. This works out to over 50% off the full price of monthly readings over the course of a year! We can chat at your convenience and exchange texts in between calls too.

WEEKLY ASTRO-CALL: You’re a rock star! In appreciation of your generous support, we will do a weekly-astro call when you’re at this benefactor level. This gives you an over 80% discount on weekly readings.

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