The Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign: the Core of Your Personality

Are you looking to get more into astrology? Get confused with all of the complicated terminology that gets thrown out there about the houses and aspects and essential dignities? In this video I’ve got you covered with the basics - to get to know anyone’s personality, you always want to start with the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. (There is a link in the video description to a website where you can find your own sun, moon, and rising sign if you don’t know yours yet.)

Sun sign: vitality, ego, personal will, sense of self, self-image, purpose, “masculine” part of ourselves

Moon sign: emotions, reactions, response, what makes us feel secure, “feminine” part of ourselves

Rising sign/Ascendant/First House cusp: “social mask,” our initial & instinctual responses to the world, how we interact with strangers or in unfamiliar environments. Your rising sign is what someone might guess your sign as before they really get to know you. A bonus that I didn’t discuss in the video is that the rising sign can even determine what you look like or how you dress!

Elena Sakopoulos