Overview: Astrology of 2019

Curious what the rest of 2019 has in store for us? Check out this video for more information on the major planetary transits of this year. ⤵️

In a lot of ways, January has set the tone for what we might experience before the beginning of 2020. We had a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn right at the beginning of the year, asking us to look at the structures in our life, our long-term goals, and whether we have the emotional security and foundation to move forward in the outside world. As Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node build towards a conjunction which will become exact in January 2020, we’re pushed to increase our tenacity in the face of challenges and roadblocks. This is going to be an intense, busy year leading quickly into another, and we could all benefit from clarifying our vision, building out a detailed plan that will get us there over the long run, and holding strong when outside influences might threaten our goals and desires.

Cancers and Sagittariuses, this is your year! Tauruses, be on the lookout for unexpected changes and shakeups you aren’t anticipating, and Capricorns, make this the opportunity for you to release what’s holding you back so that you’re golden once 2020 is upon us. Check out my 2019 horoscopes for a bit more information on what’s in store for your sign.