October 2019 Horoscopes

For the majority of the month, the Sun and Mars in Libra are hitting all of our cardinal planet action, opposing Chiron then squaring the Nodes, Saturn, and Pluto. Phew! Partnership remains a major theme throughout October, shedding a light on our unconscious beliefs about relationships and independence. Mars, the planet of action and aggression, is uncomfortable in passive Libra, the sign of its detriment. On 10/8, Mars in Libra gets some relief as Venus (Libra’s ruling planet) enters Scorpio (Mars’ ruling planet). This is called mutual reception and it means that we can tap into gifts from both planets, despite them both being difficult placements. There are lessons and opportunities in unexpected places if we forego assumptions and stay open-minded.

As the Saturn/Pluto conjunction draws closer and these planets receive a square from Libra, the moon’s transit through cardinal signs will be especially potent. From 10/5-6 (moon in Cap), 10/12-13 (moon in Aries), 10/20-21 (moon in Cancer), 10/26-27 (moon in Libra), pay attention to what comes up. Your major lessons for 2019-2020 are triggered on these dates, so you might expect to get drawn into relevant experiences. You are involved in a situation that seems intractable or impossible to deal with right now, and the best ways to cope are through awareness, patience, and inner strength. Remind yourself that as the situation works itself out, you are learning a lesson in working in cooperation with, not against the universe.

On 10/23, the sun shifts into Scorpio. This is not a season associated with joy or exuberance, but after a trying Libra season, quiet Scorpio may bring some relief. Mercury is already flying out ahead in Scorpio, entering its retrograde shadow period on 10/11. On this day, it reaches 11 degrees of Scorpio, the point to which it will ultimately retrograde. Mercury retrograde does not start until 10/31, so you have the whole month to do your homework. Take stock of the assumptions you make in your interactions, how you react to what you perceive others say. If there are any major conversations you need to initiate, it might be best to wait until December, as the chance of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and misgivings is higher than usual. And of course, back up all your electronic devices before the end of the month. ;)

My mother created these Life Enrichment cards to complement her latest book, Beyond Self-Care for Helping Professionals. The book highlights the importance of self-care for those who help and heal others, and is full of tips on integrating a self-care practice into daily life. The cards provide concrete yet simple suggestions for taking care of yourself. They will be available for purchase soon!

Read horoscopes for your sun sign, as well as your rising sign if you know it! Those who have some experience with astrology will also know that each of us has every sign within our birth chart, and therefore, you can get something out of reading the horoscope for each sign. I like to apply the interpretation for each sign to the house that it falls into in my chart - if you have any questions about how that works, please don’t hesitate to hit me up and ask.



Affirmation: I can choose the experiences I want in my relationships.

Devote this month to… taking time for yourself (especially when you’re most scared of being alone!)

Life Enrichment card: Be an Outsider

The month starts off with an opposition to your sign, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little combative. October is all about you finding new ground within your partnerships, but of course! This means that people are going to try your patience. To get perspective on what’s happening, make sure to give yourself alone time to reflect. What’s going on with the people around you? How much are you willing to put up with? Are you contributing to the problem? Some of you might recognize that you keep people around because you don’t want to be alone, while others will be confronted with the reality that your inability to compromise pushes people away. Have patience with yourself as you figure out where to go from here.



Affirmation: I have so much to offer the world.

Devote this month to… building out a game plan and bringing on collaborators.

Life Enrichment card: Listen to Music

Tauruses get a bad rap for being lazy, but this is your month to prove them all wrong. You’ve made huge strides by overhauling your daily routine and committing to new goals, and now you need the discipline needed to stick with it. With lots of energy coming up in your seventh house, this is a great time to start working with other people - consider sharing your goals with a friend or coworker so they can hold you accountable. There may be pieces of your plan you can outsource to others who can do it better. And remember, when you encounter the inevitable roadblocks, do NOT interpret this as a sign to give up! That these setbacks are tests (from yourself and the universe) designed to see if you can keep going through all the challenges. Show yourself that you have what takes to see it through.



Affirmation: I can create the life I want to enjoy.

Devote this month to… having FUN no matter what you’re doing.

Life Enrichment card: Befriend the Critic

It was last year that Saturn opposed your sun, a soul-sucking transit that reminds you of your mortality and impermanence. Though Saturn has moved on to torture the cardinal signs, you’ve been left with the knowledge that you have to work hard to get what you need out of life. This month, you are reminded of all your responsibilities, and we all know that nothing weighs flighty Geminis down like a sense of restriction. Make a practice out of looking on the bright side - though yes, this is the reality of your life now, you can still enjoy yourself while owning your responsibility. There’s no going back to being a child, but your childlike nature can serve as an asset as you shift your mindset.

4 Cancer.jpg


Affirmation: I control how I feel.

Devote this month to… making peace with your ups and downs.

Life Enrichment card: Tend to your Dreams

Saturn opposite your sun is no joke, and you’re feeling this big time as Libra triggers your aches and insecurities. Because of your fluctuating moods, you feel transits more deeply than most signs. While Saturn opposite your sun is a uniquely challenging transit, it is important to recognize that challenges are not going to stop coming your way. This is not because there’s anything wrong or you’re messing up, challenges are just a part of life. Sounds scary or disheartening, but if you fully accept this truth, it’s quite empowering. There is peace to be found in the midst of chaos, and even if you aren’t always able to find it, it will all be fine. Your moods are a normal part of your life experience - you wouldn’t tell the ocean to stop its tides, would you?



Affirmation: Sensitivity is not a liability.

Devote this month to… laying low.

Life Enrichment card: Dance

What’s a Leo to do when they’re not their normal exuberant selves? If it feels right, give yourself permission to be “not okay” for a little bit. You feel so much pressure to put on a face for others, but this month you need to give that strategy a rest. You are not inferior for struggling with something or going through a tough time! Let yourself feel everything you’re feeling and get honest with the people in your life if something is bothering you. The more comfortable you get with feeling vulnerable, the more secure you will be in yourself long-term.

6 Virgo.jpg


Affirmation: The lesson I have to share is important.

Devote this month to… putting yourself “out there.”

Life Enrichment card: Walk a Dog

Virgo is a low-key sign, right? You don’t often seek out the spotlight, but it’s been calling you more and more lately! Consider stepping into a more public role becoming an influencer within your social circles - whether that’s online, with family, at work, and so on. Virgos are problem-solvers, with important skills that many people lack. So even though you don’t think you like to lay it all out there, you could really help people with the knowledge you have. Find a way of being that suits you - what topics are off-limits to you? Do you want to share broad strokes about what you’ve learned without the personal details? Who could benefit most from your knowledge? Get excited about being able to help others, and take that next step towards putting yourself out there.

7 Libra.jpg


Affirmation: I value myself.

Devote this month to… exploring creative financial alternatives.

Life Enrichment card: Admire Symmetry

Happy birthday Libra! This is your yearly opportunity to fall in love with yourself. As one of the signs that Venus rules, you are always in love with something or someone, so why not yourself this time? Your mind is on money lately (another Venutian theme…) and we know that the more positively you regard yourself, the more positive your financial situation becomes. Think outside the box when it comes to your resources - have you considered setting up a passive income stream? Finding a flexible part-time job or initiating a trade swap? There are lots of possibilities available, which may lead to you making more money… but you can also figure out ways to get what you want without it. Keep your love for yourself at the center of any decisions you make in October.

8 Scorpio.jpg


Affirmation: I create what I experience.

Devote this month to… putting yourself first.

Life Enrichment card: Cultivate Joy

Honestly, Scorpio, I tried to come up with something - anything! - other than “put yourself first,” but I can’t think of anything else more important with all these planets in your first house. You might feel like the pressure is on you during the leadup to your birthday, as you enter an interactive and open phase. During October, you have something that other people want, so don’t be surprised if you get many requests for favors. You are not a sign that struggles with people-pleasing, so I don’t worry about your ability to say “no” if necessary - in face, you should consider more opportunities than you might normally. This could be the month where you realize that helping other people can, in fact, help you too. This means helping people out of pure generosity, not manipulating or expecting anything in return. Start being the sort of person you would want to have in your life and see what happens.

9 Sag.jpg


Affirmation: I have a purpose.

Devote this month to… stepping outside your comfort zone.

Life Enrichment card: Roll in the Grass

I know what you’re thinking - “step outside my comfort zone?” This is a sign that is known for its eccentricity and its willingness to try anything once. Consider instead a new way of being, where you tap into something more serious and permanent. In some ways, your wild, spontaneous, go-with-the-flow persona is a shield - so that you don’t have to commit to anything. There’s nothing wrong with taking it day by day, but I wanna see you building and progressing, not spinning around in circles. What do you want your legacy to be? What do you believe in? October will be full of experiences that have you consider what you really want out of life. Take an active role in your destiny and pursue big, something that matters to you.

10 Cap.jpg


Affirmation: I’m in my zone.

Devote this month to… socializing.

Life Enrichment card: Be Hair Raising

Capricorn, you’re killing it! You have emerged from this summer victorious, and as we head into fall, know that this is your time. You feel your best when your career is poppin, and now that it’s back on track, you can focus elsewhere if you choose. This month brings you an opportunity to connect with people you may have neglected during a hibernation period. There’s even nothing wrong with letting yourself relax a bit! The world will not end - for one, I know you and I know it will really only be “a bit.” :) Also, you’ve got the long-term vision needed to remind yourself that when you invest in feeling good, you’re more successful and productive. You can ride this high forever if you let yourself enjoy life.

11 Aqua.jpg


Affirmation: I want it, I got it.

Devote this month to… requesting a raise or promotion.

Life Enrichment card: Take a Warm Bath

October is all about Aquarians working smarter, not harder. All of the Scorpio planets are activating career themes for you, and you have the potential to make huge strides. Here at HGA we are strong advocates of burnout prevention, so I have to urge you not to use up all that juice. You have to approach endeavors with the belief that it’s already yours (or at least, will be yours imminently) and open yourself to receiving. I really admire Aquarian poise and confidence, and because of all your self-assurance, I know that if you ask for something, it will find its way to you. Find the balance between action and passivity this month and you’ll be golden.

12 Pisces.jpg


Affirmation: I understand.

Devote this month to… journaling your thoughts.

Life Enrichment card: Play with a Pet

One of Pisces’ greatest gifts is their ability to make sense out of life’s mysteries. Though there are things going on right now that you don’t understand, you have the inner wisdom to know that it will soon all be revealed. When life throws curveballs at you, ask why. Make a point of monitoring your reactions when weird stuff comes up throughout October - do you curl up into a ball, cry, and give up? Or do you brush yourself off, land on your feet, and keep moving? The more you reflect, the more you will understand how profoundly your mindset influences your experiences. And because you always see the bigger picture, I know you won’t use your realizations to shame and berate yourself. You’re figuring it out as you go along (along with everyone else) and you know that each step is important on your journey.

Elena Sakopoulos