May Horoscopes

May is a bit all over the place, but is probably our last chance for a bit of a breather before we start feeling the intensity of our summer eclipse season. There is an interesting balance of Cardinal (action-oriented, initiating), Fixed (steadfast, tenacious), and Mutable (flexible, changing) signs as the month progresses, which should keep us on our toes. We have a New Moon in Taurus on May 4th, asking us to get clear on what we have and what we value, and a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th, which will give us the chance to reevaluate those Taurus themes and how they show up in our lives.

On May 15th, Mars shifts from Gemini, where it has been pushing us to work with new and ongoing developments, into Cancer, where it will oppose Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn. If you haven’t already checked out my article on the astrology of 2019, I’d suggest giving it a skim to learn more about the outer planets that are now transiting Capricorn, as they are a major influence for all of this year and the next. During May more specifically, Mars opposing our Capricorn planets will feel like added pressure, and some of us will experience unexpected challenges that set us back (temporarily!) from our long-term goals. Venus enters Taurus in mid-May as well, providing a touch more stability towards the end of the month when the Sun and Mercury in Gemini may take our focus away from the big picture. Keep your priorities in mind and your eyes on the prize, but also don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself! Taurus and Gemini are two of the signs that have the most FUN, even though the former is much more introverted and the latter wants to experience life in the company of others. We get to experience both this month, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Read horoscopes for your sun sign, as well as your rising sign if you know it! Those who have some experience with astrology will also know that each of us has every sign within our birth chart, and therefore, you can get something out of reading the horoscope for each sign. I like to apply the interpretation for each sign to the house that it falls into in my chart - if you have any questions about how that works, please don’t hesitate to hit me up and ask.

Aries! May is the month to get your money right. For the first few weeks, the Sun will be transiting your second house of finances and resources, giving major attention to what you have, what you want, and what’s coming to you. And with Jupiter, the planet of luck and optimism, transiting through the sector of your chart that governs mind expansion and higher education, you’ve probably had all sorts of inspiration regarding HOW to get what you want as well. No big ideas without follow through this year! Once the Sun enters Gemini on May 21, you’ll have a new opportunity to share with others, communicate what you have to offer and network up a storm. The pressure is on this year with a square from our planetary pile-up in Capricorn, but think of yourself as a diamond in the rough, being squeezed and stretched so you can create something beautiful for 2020 and beyond. 

Happy birthday, Taurus! During your season, you should always take a couple days to reflect on the past year, get present to where you are now, and think ahead to how you’d like the next twelve months to go. Venus enters your sign on May 15th, giving you a dose of beauty and positivity for the second half of the month, so spend a bit of time doing what do what you do best - relaxing, indulging, and doing you. It’s likely that you’ll have lots of people coming out of the woodwork wanting to socialize (as well as some potential suitors), but make sure you’re only putting yourself out there if that’s what YOU really want. Who knows, though - with Uranus newly back in your sign as of March, you may be feeling different and interested in things that weren’t even on your radar a couple years ago. Buckle your seatbelt for the next seven years; you’re in for a wild (and exhilarating) ride.

Gemini, it’s been a tough year, huh? Though you don’t always share your inner world and what’s troubling you in the midst of internal chaos, just know that I see you and all you’ve been going through with some major planetary transits through a deep sector of your chart. While most of the signs are riding high on inspiration and enthusiasm with Jupiter in Sagittarius, this planet opposing your sign may make you feel like you’re down on your luck. Mars in Gemini for most of May is kind of a mixed bag, where you may have more energy in the midst of this tough year, but you also have be careful not to overextend yourself or let your temper get the best of you. Make sure you’re not taking out your frustration on anyone else, consider finding someone (whether a friend, a therapist, or someone else) to confide in, and as cliche as it sounds, allow your challenges to be lessons so you can come out strong when your season begins on the 21st. Nothing wrong with hibernating a bit until then!

Cancer, how are you doing? With the North Node in your sign, this is a year of fate and opportunity, but sitting opposite our big pile-up in Capricorn, you’re definitely feeling like the pressure is on. We all know that when things get intense, your instinct is to retreat to your shell, but with the Sun in Taurus most of the month, you should not overlook your social circle - you might be surprised with what happens if you talk to someone new or attend an event you were thinking about skipping. A word of caution once Mars enters your sign on the 15th, though - everyone will be more irritable and reactionary than usual, and it will serve you to not take it personally if you sense people getting aggressive with you. Be sure to stay composed yourself, as Mars’ transit could send you for a tailspin if you let yourself get off balance. You’ve worked so hard this year, and if you can keep it together through the chaos of May, so much will unlock during the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses this summer. 

Leoooooooo! What’s been going on at work these days? I sense than many of you have been itching to quit your job for... maybe even a year now, and this might be the month that you finally take the plunge. You’ve got an interesting mix going on with the Sun passing over your house of career and public image for most of this month, while Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have been hanging out in your sixth house of routine and habits. Maybe it’s your commute or your coworkers, or maybe you’re just sick of the mundane tasks you’ve been repeating day after day - there’s something that’s threatening to dim the bright inner flame that makes Leos their amazing, passionate selves. If it is your work, take advantage of the fact that Jupiter’s offering new creativity and inspiration this year. This could be your opportunity to make your art (however you define it) or a hobby your career. I know you can get real down when that inner flame starts to dim down, but start leaning into the possibility that you can have anything you want, and more. There’s no reason to stay stuck in a situation that isn’t serving you when there is so much more out there to explore!

Hey Virgo! As is your typical nature, you’ve been working away quietly this part year, building your legacy from behind the scenes. Like Gemini, you may be experiencing some overextension with Jupiter making a harsh angle to your sign, or maybe you’ve had a situation where you were a bit TOO optimistic and accidentally let a new opportunity fall through. If this is the case, it would be tempting to interpret your setbacks as a message to stay cautious and keep things within your comfort zone - “things NEVER work out when I try to follow my heart and be spontaneous!” However, I’d encourage you to try to reconcile these (seemingly) opposing truths during May. How can you both dream big and create an actionable plan that allows your dreams to come to fruition? We already know you’ve got the latter part down, so your charge is really to stay hopeful in the face of the inevitable setbacks. Life is messy, Virgo, but it’s not picking on you - we all have to embrace the struggles and imperfections that it comes with. With lots of Fixed and Cardinal energy this month, you have the opportunity to remain steadfast in the midst of waves rather than letting them blow you around.

It’s been a big year for you too, Libra, as Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes of Fate form a harsh square angle to your sign. You probably feel like you’re at a crossroads, where you can finally see a life that’s filled with possibility after years of tests and challenges. However, know that you have to CHOOSE the life you want rather than waiting around for it to come to you. As a Cardinal sign, I know you have it in you to be decisive in this way, even if it feels safer to play the middle and wait for someone else to give you direction! Something is stirring up in the most intimate part of your chart, unlocking a feistiness and assertiveness you don’t always let others see. If you need to go inward for a bit of this month and do some private reflection, make sure you allow yourself that time, because with some major eclipses coming up, things will get intense this summer. Once Gemini season starts a few weeks into May, you should feel refreshed and ready to share what you’ve learned with others, providing a chance for you to integrate some of those lessons and get prepared to take it all on when the action starts during Cancer season. You got this!

Scorpio, this is a year where lots can open up for you... if you are open yourself. You are learning about communication in 2019 and 2020, and honestly, it’s about time. With Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in the part of your chart that governs communication and learning, there’s a lot you can’t control right now, which is all part of the lesson in letting go, allowing things to be what they are, and sharing in the flow. You’re probably already recognizing that you need to improvise more; you can’t have a pre-prepared speech every time you want to get a point across to someone. For most of this month, the Sun in Taurus opposes your sign, and your dealings with other people will be... highlighted, if not challenged. Use this opportunity to communicate openly, proactively, and freely - no more ghosting and “I’m going through a lot” ambiguous texts!

Sag, Sag, Sag... you already know that this is your year (and if not, this is me letting you know now). With Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, transiting your sign, there is an amazing amount of opportunity and potential for you to take advantage of. This is the year that everything you touch turns to gold and all your hard work finally pays off! Our Capricorn pile-up falls in your second house, suggesting that there are big changes relating to money and finances already underway. This month in particular, you start out by getting your health, routine, and day-to-day habits right - your sign is not known for its discipline and self-restraint but tapping in to those qualities will be key for reaping the fruits of your labor in 2020. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface for you that may not be readily apparent quite yet, but once the Sun enters Gemini and opposes your sign, it will all become clearer and you will start seeing how all your internal work is paying off. Don’t be afraid of going deep and exploring your subconscious motivations this month!

Capricorns have been thrown for a ringer this past year (more like the past decade for some of you), and honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up before 2020. The good news is that Caps are tough and resilient, so know that no matter what life is throwing at you, you CAN and you WILL be able to handle it. You already know about the major transits through your sign, and during May, you get the added intensity of Mars in Cancer challenging the plans and strategies that we all know Capricorn relies upon so heavily. With Jupiter in your mysterious, spiritual twelfth house, a lot is happening at the subconscious level that’s asking you to let go and work with the natural rhythm of your life. Just cause you CAN make something happen doesn’t always mean it needs to happen right now, and in fact, often your plans work better if you wait for the opportune moment. Developing the discernment to know when to stop and when to go will really serve you this month. We all know the stereotype that Caps like to work, and for the rest of Taurus season (til May 21), the typical suggestion would be to focus on creative hobbies instead. I know most of y’all have heard that before and you might even be rolling your eyes (sorry!) so if that interpretation doesn’t work for you, think about how you can bring more of a fun, creative energy into your daily work. This is your chance to undo the limiting belief that it has to be painful or a struggle in order to be worth it. You can enjoy yourself and push yourself at the same time!

Aquarius, Taurus season asks you to get in touch with your emotions (even though we all know you like to pretend like you don’t have them)! This will benefit you in a couple ways - for one, Mars’ transit through Gemini and Cancer will throw many of the people around you for a loop, and you’re going to need to take your ability to deal with the mess of other people’s… stuff… up to the next level. Yes, emotions can be uncomfortable, but they’re also part of life, and you can’t ignore them without consequence. Plus, even though Saturn is still hanging out in Capricorn for the next year and a half, it will transit your sign next, and you will feel the consequences of your actions with even more weight than you experience now.  This month, you get to reflect, reevaluate, and find new inspiration - either from within yourself or through a higher power of some sort. It’s not all serious and somber for you around this time, however! Jupiter lighting up your sector of groups and social connections gives you the chance to talk things over with others and get feedback on where you can improve.  Work on your control and discipline and May and you’ll see a big payoff once it’s your time.

Pisces, let this year be the year when you figure out what it means to share your gifts with the world. Every Pisces I know is an artist in some way or another, and with Jupiter transiting through your tenth house of career and public image, you’ve got the opportunity to make your work what you love. You’ve probably been thinking about this already (or have begun to work on something new), and this May, you’re challenged to share your vision with the people around you. Now that you’ve found your calling, how will you share that with others? Seeing the big picture is important to you, so make sure you’re sharing your “why” when you’re talking about what you’re doing. I sense some big opportunities to make money and get your self-confidence back this month, but like with everything, you’ve got to reach for it rather than sitting back and waiting for it to fall into your lap. People will understand if you share with them; it’s when you are quiet and passive that they start misinterpreting and it seems like it’s not working out. You are one of the few signs that may really benefit from Mars’ transit through Cancer at the end of the month, so use this transit wisely - focus on sharing your enthusiasm and energy when you’re speaking with others!

Elena Sakopoulos