June 2019 Horoscopes

All throughout June, there’s tension just under the surface as we gear up for the July Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. Think of this as our major 2019 themes - releasing old patterns and negativity, building a strong internal foundation for external success - coming to a head as we reach the midpoint of the calendar year. But until then, we still have most of Gemini season left in front us! This is a time of enjoyment, letting loose and getting in touch with our inner child through Gemini’s youthful, playful energy. Mercury enters Cancer at the beginning of the month, joining Mars, and is followed by the Sun on June 21, so we can expect an undertone of emotional chaos foreshadowing what the eclipses will bring to us. All this Cancer energy can feel like a wet blanket at times - I’m a Cancer Sun, so trust me, I know - but it’s our charge this month to focus on the good things we have going for us and not let the difficult stuff get us down. Remember we’re all going through it this year; there is a heavy theme of letting go and rebuilding parts of ourselves we thought would be solid forever. Go out of your way to create positive experiences for yourself - maybe involving travel or meeting new people - count your blessings, and stay present in the moment. You’ve come so far since January!

Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion, takes center stage in two major planetary patterns this month - a tense and explosive t-square with Jupiter and Mercury, and a soft, supportive triangle with Saturn and Venus. Our relationships, hobbies, and even finances get a boost of staying power (especially welcome after a difficult May) but challenges may come up in our communication. Don’t jump to any conclusions and try your hardest not to get into any heated arguments. This could be a month where confrontations are necessary and timely, but take care to look at the facts of your situation, double check your assumptions, and avoid emotional overreactions. If we address conflicts or any deceptive behavior openly, calmly, and rationally this month, we can avoid having it all crash down in front of us during eclipse season. 

Read horoscopes for your sun sign, as well as your rising sign if you know it! Those who have some experience with astrology will also know that each of us has every sign within our birth chart, and therefore, you can get something out of reading the horoscope for each sign. I like to apply the interpretation for each sign to the house that it falls into in my chart - if you have any questions about how that works, please don’t hesitate to hit me up and ask.


ARIES - your keyword is REPAIR.

Spend this month getting in touch with the parts of yourself that you suppress.

Everyone deals with shame and denial, and this month these themes come into your conscious awareness. Chiron, the “wounded healer” asteroid, has been in your sign since February; this means that your self-awareness is heightened and subconscious wounds are surfacing. You’re not a sign to wallow in negativity and focus on what you can’t change, so I’m not too worried about you… but you could really benefit from sharing and communicating what you uncover this month. Know that if you’ve been dealing with something or starting to see yourself in a new way, someone else probably is too, and they can more than likely share a new perspective that will shed light on your situation. Don’t bottle it up, focus on releasing your steam slowly and steadily during June.


TAURUS - your keyword is RECALIBRATE.

Focus on finding your footing in the midst of chaos this month.

Hopefully your birthday was great and you’re feeling refreshed and renewed after giving yourself some down time. You already know that right after your time to shine, it’s Gemini season, and that bumbling, buzzing energy is very much reminiscent of Uranus, the planet that’s transiting your sign over the next seven years. We all know you relish in the comfort of routine and predictability, but this month is the perfect opportunity to channel your “eye of the storm” energy and bring forth your unshakeable inner stability. This may require taking a look at your long-term priorities and ensuring that your short-term goals are aligned with getting you there. Nothing wrong with some instant gratification, but if you can set yourself up to enjoy those comforts and still stay on track when it comes to exert a bit more effort, you’ll be golden. Stay on your toes!


GEMINI - happy birthday! Your keyword is WORTH.

Focus on making some money this month!

Your material security means a lot to you, and you’re been thinking a lot about how to achieve this long-term. You’ve been letting go of the tendencies to self-sabotage and leveling up in ways that probably weren’t conceivable even a few short months ago. It’s not too good to be true! And what’s more, once you start spiraling UPWARDS towards success and positivity, there is only more inspiration awaiting you. Expect some breakthroughs and apply pressure where necessary to make it happen for yourself. Unlock your inner focus and dedication and nothing will be able to stop you.


CANCER - your keyword is ZEAL.

Spend this month tapping into productivity at a sustainable pace.

As the sign ruled by the moon, it’s natural for your energy to ebb and flow on a regular basis. Can you find a way to respect your ups and downs without letting them rock you off your center? I know that you know that there is a way to work when you want to work, rest when you want to rest, all without throwing yourself into a funk whenever your steam runs out. Perhaps you need to take a step back and think about how you react when you start getting tired or unmotivated - do you launch into self-judgement? Override your instincts and push yourself towards burnout? Take responsibility for your moods, remind yourself how GOOD it feels to stay focused, and the world is your oyster. This is a process that can only happen by relying on yourself and turning inwards, so don’t compare your work flow to anyone else’s, either this month or honestly ever.


LEO - your keyword is HABITS.

Create the life you want to live out of your day-to-day influences.

This year has a definite focus on your routine, your health, and your daily structure, and make it your mission to create a breakthrough in these areas before your birthday. Of course, you’re probably realizing that the only person that can be responsible for your own wellbeing is yourself, but there is so much power in surrounding yourself with positive influences. Let June be a month of inventory for your social circles - who are the people you need to keep in your life, and who might you want to part ways with around this time? Being the naturally social sign that you are, you may feel some ambivalence about the state of your social life, and this a good opportunity to think outside the box as it relates to making new friends, building new connections, and reimagining what relatability means to you. Create daily structures that support healthy connection on a regular basis, and be open t shifts in your identity and self-image that come along with this. 


VIRGO - your keyword is PUSH.

Focus on your many successes, not the internal challenges.

This year you’ve been dealing with things that you can’t really articulate in any sort of external manner, which is definitely a challenge for a sign ruled by Mercury, the sign of communication. Know that just because you can’t explain it doesn’t mean it isn’t real! Try not to get too wrapped up in what’s going on in your head because this could be YOUR month if you let it. Expect developments related to your career and public image, making sure to take time to congratulate yourself rather than moving on to what’s next before taking a breath. There’s a reason we say things like “count your blessings” and “celebrate your wins,” and it’s not solely to make you roll your eyes and get all critical (yes, seen). There is so much going for you right now, as long as you just let it all happen and say “NO” to the negativity when it creeps back in to distract you.


LIBRA - your keyword is ASCEND.

Spend this month expanding your mind and shifting your focus.

You’ve likely been pushed in ways you didn’t think were possible lately, experiencing the good and the bad and all that comes with major change. This month you are invited to take up a new way of thinking that encompasses all the new facets of your awareness, and to seek out supplemental knowledge that allows you to make sense of this chaos. You don’t really enjoy plunging the emotional depths in the way that 2019 pushes us to, but you’re doing a great job of taking it all in stride. Think bigger, keep your eyes on the horizon, and don’t take things too seriously during Gemini season. Libras often get dogged on for their people-pleasing nature, and this month you can make lots of progress towards putting yourself first, both in good times and hard times. You’re always number one!


SCORPIO - your keyword is PURGE.

Release some of your venom during June.

Your sign is all about transformation, rebirth, and scouring the depths of human experience - sometimes this intensity is “too much,” often for other people and maybe even for you personally, but this month you’re invited to embrace it full force. Reflect on your internal state, get clear on the challenges that have been coming up in your communicating and relating, and take those drastic steps to get back on track. There is nothing you can’t create when you’re tapped into your head and your heart, not pendulating back between the two because you’re unsure what to trust. The answer, Scorpio, is both of them - there is no magic formula for success, but know that big things will happen when you stop being ambivalent towards your emotions. They can be scary, yes, but when we repress and deny them, we only create the conditions for explosions later on.


SAGITTARIUS - your keyword is REVIEW.

Take some time to reflect on the progress you’ve made throughout 2019.

I’m always saying that this year is Sag’s year, and hopefully by now you’re starting to feel the same. With the sun in the sign opposite yours for most of this month, you get to see yourself from others’ perspectives, getting a fuller understanding of how far you’ve come since Jupiter entered your sign. And this oppositional energy, along with Jupiter’s retrograde over the summer, allows you to get clear on how others experience you. There’s a chance this might show up in the form of confrontation and disagreement during June, but you’re always looking on the bright side so I know you’ll make a point of seeing your challenges as opportunities for growth. How can you show up more fully for other people, and how do your relationships fit into where you’ll be by the end of 2019?


CAPRICORN - your keyword is BREATHE.

Do something with a lighthearted spirit this month.

I know, I know! This message keeps showing up for you, and every time your somber spirit is annoyed to hear it. Just know I understand what a challenging year (or a few) it’s been for your sign, and that it’s because big things are on the horizon for you both publicly and privately. Before the eclipses highlighting your sign knock the wind out of you for a moment, you get a real opportunity to get clear on the fact that you can have fun and work hard at the same time - success and enjoyment are NOT mutually exclusive. And with the part of your chart that governs routine, habits, and health lit up this month, you start to understand how important fun and enjoyment are for your wellbeing. I know you’ve been developing new healthy coping mechanisms - how can you let loose and indulge without throwing yourself off track?


AQUARIUS - your keyword is LOOSEN.

Prioritize creativity over business in June.

Your sign can feel torn between work and pleasure, but at least for this month, the choice is clear. Take up a new hobby, spend time with your children, and do what you want to do! Career takes the backburner for you over the summer, and perhaps an area of growth to explore is just being okay with that and not making your accomplishments and external image the source of your self-worth. There is not reason to get down on yourself for wanting more out of life than hard work and overcoming challenges, especially when you already know that you’re solid when push comes to shove. Set aside time in your daily routine to let loose, have fun, and put your feet up if you feel called to do so.


PISCES - your keyword is DESPITE.

Get going even if you don’t feel like it this month.

You’ve accomplished so much in 2019; your dreams are becoming a reality and you’re finally sharing your creativity with the world. Now is not the time to stop! Even though you may not always act on it, you always know what you should be focusing on to keep moving forward, and lately you’ve been feeling the call to find a new balance between your internal and external world. If you’re good on the inside, you’re accomplishing all your goals, and if something doesn’t feel right to you emotionally, you know you need to get things together in the world outside of you. It can be tempting to withdraw to dreamworld when things get tough, but you need both sides of the equation this month! I know you have it in you, Pisces, keep pushing and surround yourself with positive influences so that you can keep your shine this summer. 

Elena Sakopoulos