July 2019 Horoscopes

July is peak eclipse season - the month starts off with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 2nd, and we get a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. Eclipses are like a pressure cooker of personal growth, where we do much of the heavy lifting for the year as a whole, and with these eclipses occurring in Cancer/Capricorn, we get a real opportunity to look at the structures in our lives and how they support / detract from our sense of stability and security. These are cardinal signs, action-oriented and enterprising, though Cancer is more concerned with emotions and home life while Capricorn’s focus is on career and public image. We are asked to step up and find balance between both sides of the polarity this month. Expand your worldview to assume that you CAN have it all - because you can, even if it requires some mental stretching to get there. As always, you have to believe it’s all possible before it actually is.

While Mars is flying out in front of all the other planets out in Leo, Mercury retrogrades from the early degrees of Leo back into Cancer (7/7 - 7/31), asking us to REvisit and REevaluate how we communicate. Both of these signs are highly emotional and reactive, giving us a real chance to reflect on nonverbal communication, how we perceive and respond to others’ intentions, and when we might read into signals that aren’t actually there. As always, technology and travel may cause issues (as Mercury rules those themes), so be sure to back up all your devices and double-check any trip itineraries.

For the rest of Cancer season, Venus trails just behind the Sun, running into Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto in Capricorn. These intense oppositions to Capricorn planets can only be expected to bring a serious, somber energy to this month, related not only to our ego and sense of self (Sun) but to our values and what we enjoy (Venus). To get a sense of what this might mean for you personally, think back to May and June when Mars transited Cancer - how were your motivation, productivity, and ability to get things done impacted? The same energetic fluctuations will apply to Venus and the Sun’s themes throughout July. For even more insight, locate the house that contains Cancer in your chart and see if there are any planets there - this will tell you where you’ll see the most growth and impact under the influence of these transits.

Read horoscopes for your sun sign, as well as your rising sign if you know it! Those who have some experience with astrology will also know that each of us has every sign within our birth chart, and therefore, you can get something out of reading the horoscope for each sign. I like to apply the interpretation for each sign to the house that it falls into in my chart - if you have any questions about how that works, please don’t hesitate to hit me up and ask.



FOCUS ON your emotions this month.

Though this is not a comfortable way for you to express yourself, you are challenged to listen to your heart before your head this July. One of Aries’ strengths is your action-oriented nature, where you don’t get so caught up in analysis that you stay in one place, but the flip side is that you do have a tendency to jump into things too quickly. You already know that you have a tendency to burn bridges and put your foot in your mouth if you’re not careful, but what might be more concerning is that you don’t always give yourself time to get in touch with what you actually feel about a new situation. Be sure to intentionally carve out some time to reflect (preferably alone, in a quiet space) and get really clear about what you need and what you want. How can you make sure that your actions align with these priorities? Moving slowly and taking a step back this month can help you ensure that your foundation is set solidly for the future - and I know if there is one thing an Aries hates, it’s having to go back and repeat your work.



FOCUS ON communicating proactively this month.

Taurus is not a sign that is known for its outgoing nature, but in July you’re asked to expand your comfort zone and share what’s on your mind much more actively. You’ve got an enterprising, “do-it-yourself” nature which means you don’t have to rely on anyone, but you might be surprised how much more comes to you when you enlist others in the pursuit of your happiness. Make your needs clear, let people know how you really feel, and set clear boundaries when it’s starting to seem like too much. By speaking up and letting people know your terms and conditions up front, you’ll save yourself from a lot of discomfort and may get way more than you even thought as possible. Just be sure to remember that the responsibility of letting people know how to treat you falls squarely on you, for better or for worse.



FOCUS ON maturity and responsibility this month.

You’ve made so much progress with getting your life together and building a stable foundation for the future, so don’t let anything mess with that! Remember that any challenges that come up are tests - not for the universe or anyone outside you to judge, but for you to understand for yourself how you deal with adversity. If you keep that forward-looking mindset, you can get your communication groove back in a big way during July. Get clear on how you show up to other people, how they see you and how you can get your messages out, perhaps a bit more... constructively in the future. You can finally see how others’ misinterpretations of you are your responsibility to deal with. Make adjustments accordingly, but also, if how you want to deal is accept the haters and keep it moving, that’s cool too. Just make sure you’re not handing off your power to anyone else and you’ll stay firmly in your center.



FOCUS ON putting yourself first this month.

Cancers are notorious for people-pleasing and harboring resentment towards those who they’ve assumed must reciprocate by fulfilling their every need - and that’s just not going to fly anymore. Realize that when you outsource your ability to be happy to other people, you also give them your personal power. This month - your birthday month! - remember that you are your number one priority, and that YOU control whether or not you are happy. The fluctuations in your mood and energy are a given, being ruled by the Moon, but it’s up to you to build a stable center in the midst of your internal tides moving up and down. Take concrete steps towards building the sort of life that you want to live, disregarding what anyone else might think. You have always had what it takes to rise to the occasion, in every other situation up until now, so there is no reason you can’t take responsibility for your own happiness as well. Let’s make that shift permanent during July and it will be only up from here.



FOCUS ON your subconscious this month.

I know, I know, how are you supposed to focus on your subconscious? If you really give in to the concept of “let go and just allow,” you’ll see this isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Pay attention to the subtle messages and quiet moments between all of your “doing,” and you’ll start to hear answers to the lofty questions you shout out to the universe! Someone is listening, and that someone is you and your inner wisdom. Take this time to get your inner world straightened out before you can start working on all that’s happening in the external world around you. This could be a month of sudden new developments, where you should expect the unexpected, but don’t let anything that comes up faze you. Remember to stand solid in yourself first before reacting and you’ll be golden.



FOCUS ON creative opportunities this month.

You’ve been starting to see yourself differently this year, and understanding how you relate to friends, social groups and your identity in a different way. A new connection to what’s bigger than you will have you thinking about how you can impact your network at large, and you get a great chance to think outside the box about how this will manifest. The ways that you express yourself are going through a metamorphosis, and you would benefit from taking seriously any new ideas that come up for you throughout the course of the month. How awesome it would be to have people see you in a new way - what gifts or skills can you cultivate to make that happen? If you’re not the one with creative gifts yourself (though I’d encourage you to take seriously that you are, as many Virgos are artists even if they don’t identify as such!) perhaps you might be able to bring people together in some new way that spurs creative energy. There is so much that is possible for you this month if you focus on community and your impact.



FOCUS ON creating a solid foundation this month.

Libras are an air sign, known for their intellectual and analytical capabilities… not so much their emotional capacity. Not to say that Libras are unemotional, but their instinct is to rationalize and objectify when they feel some type of way, trying to logically make sense of concepts that cannot be grasped with the mind. Understand that your emotions can be helpful tools - they provide signals about what you should focus on and how you can best adapt to new circumstances, but you cannot go into analysis paralysis and allow them to hold you back. Feelings are not a debility, and they cannot throw you off balance unless you let them. What would you need to do to allow yourself to move forward even when you’re engulfed in emotion? How can you keep yourself from falling into the trap of trying to “figure it out?” You have big time career and work opportunities this month and there could be some real breakthroughs - so it’s up to you to make sure you don’t fold in the midst of all that’s coming your way. Remember, you have to accept all of it, the good, the bad, and everything in between.



FOCUS ON career moves this month.

This is an idea month for you, Scorpio! In July you have the chance to let go of your reactive nature and focus on all the positive you have going on in your life. People are going to be all kinds of reactive and sentimental this month, and we know how you feel about that, but make it your charge to remain calm when you feel you’re being tested. I know, I know… but if you really take this seriously and choose not to dwell in a pessimistic mood, so much inspiration will come your way. Inspiration comes from interacting with the outside world, so make a point of putting yourself out there at least as much as feels possible. Communicate proactively with others - if it’s uncomfortable to step out of your private inner world, how can you bring people into your world and share a piece of yourself with them? Take these risks now and the payoff will be huge in your career and public image as the year goes on. Think about the legacy you want to leave and take strides towards creating it, starting now.



FOCUS ON the darkness this month.

Sags are fun-loving, optimistic, and forward-thinking, not usually enthusiastic about any sort of heavy introspection or melancholy. This July, sober and somber will be the mood in your social circles and daily interactions, so have a little patience because we’re all going through it a bit. Interestingly, you might be through it yourself and not even realize it - so a bit of healthy introspection wouldn’t hurt. I know you’ve been focused on your career and financial goals this year, but those themes take a back seat this month so you can turn inward. How can you acknowledge the darkness and begin to respond to it, without it becoming consuming? If you ignore any negativity or pessimism that’s weighing on you, it might just end up bubbling up to the surface, so make a point of dealing with it now instead of repressing and denying. Start to look at these themes now and you’ll get clear on whatever’s been holding you back from your bag.



FOCUS ON relationships this month.

I know you like lists and order and structure, so hopefully you’ll be pleased to hear that this is a great time to inventory your partnerships and get clear on who provides you with value. You’re up to big things, and having the right people in your circle can be the ultimate asset as you continue your ascent to the top. Who is really there for you, and who might be holding you back? Communicate your needs and boundaries to other people, get explicit about how their behavior impacts you, and take ownership of the fact that you can tolerate nothing less than what you deserve. Of course, Caps are not known for having the biggest circles in the first place, so consider that one thing that may come up in your social inventory is the need to expand, not contract. Which relationships do you need to nourish and cultivate, and where might you need to build new relationships as well? Consider that enjoyment and connection can be priorities in and of themselves, and make space for the relationships with people you just like having around for their own sake.



FOCUS ON habits and routine this month.

Yes, the people in your life are still being reactive and difficult. You’re still being forced to adapt to situations outside of your control (all while keeping the illusion of being unfazed and unbothered ;) ). So, why not focus on what you can control this month? Create structures that really work for you, so that when you’re inevitably confronted with the messiness of life, you’ll know that you can deal. It might be tough to admit, but when you allow others’ behavior to get under your skin, you’re turning over your power to them - so share your new routines with others so that they’ll be clear on how you’ll be interacting with them going forward. Above all, tap into your own personal sense of spirituality this month and cultivate a sense of optimism. No matter what it seems like, everything is working out, and you’re exactly where you need to be. Nothing can change that, period.



FOCUS ON creative expression this month.

In July, you come to a turning point with your public image. Take a step back and reflect on all the amazing progress you’ve made this year - I see so many Pisces who are coming into their own and sharing their gifts with the world in a way they’ve never before. And you want to keep it up, right? This is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate what you’ve been doing and the strategies you’re using to reach your ultimate goals. What else, if anything, do you need to get there? Do you need to restructure any relationships or seek out new resources? Take it upon yourself to seek these things out, keeping your ultimate purpose in mind, and share openly and apologetically. This is a time to double up, not back down, and I know you have it in you to rise to the occasion!

Elena Sakopoulos