August 2019 Horoscopes

July is peak eclipse season - the month starts off with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 2nd, and we get a Full July was the most intense year of 2019 for many of the signs, and now we get to bask in the joy of Leo season for most of August. This is where the real summer fun begins! After the 21st, it is officially Virgo season, and we get back to work again. Late August and early September are always powerfully transformational - during the first half of the zodiacal year (Aries season through Leo season), we’re focused on ourselves, learning more about our needs, wants, and priorities. After that, it’s all about us in the outside world, where the internal work we’ve done becomes manifest in our relationships, work projects, and communities at large. Virgo is the harvest season, where we reap what we’ve sown for the first half of the year, so take some time to reflect this August on where you’re heading.

Read horoscopes for your sun sign, as well as your rising sign if you know it! Those who have some experience with astrology will also know that each of us has every sign within our birth chart, and therefore, you can get something out of reading the horoscope for each sign. I like to apply the interpretation for each sign to the house that it falls into in my chart - if you have any questions about how that works, please don’t hesitate to hit me up and ask.



Affirmation: I enjoy my life, even when times get tough.

Devote this month to: Finding the middle ground between indulgence and obligation.

Aries is in its element during Leo season, as your fellow fire sign lights up the part of your chart that governs FUN, creativity, and self-expression. It’s been a transformational and perhaps somewhat abrasive year for you, so go ahead and take a break - no need to be working on yourself every minute of every day. After all, enjoying your life is as much of a self-development tool as the hard stuff… if you don’t take a step back and have fun every once in a while, it can be hard to appreciate just how far you’ve come. It’s important to celebrate your wins, and I know you understand that! Towards the end of the month, you’ll step into high gear again and start working on your work-life balance, health, and daily routine. It can be easy to dismiss these things as “boring,” but focus on bringing some of your joyful fire sign energy into your day-to-day and this can totally shift for you. Just imagine how happy you’ll be once you build some healthy habits and feel more in control of your life!



Affirmation: I feel instead of numbing.

Devote this month to: Getting clear about what you’ve been avoiding or denying throughout 2019.

While your friends are living it up Hot Girl Summer style, Taurus might be feeling a little melancholy or grumpy. You enjoy quiet stability and relaxation much more than partying and making a scene outside, so Leo season is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Pay attention to how you react when you’re uncomfortable - do you turn directly to food, or Netflix, or weed? Whatever your vice is, make a point of understanding how and why you use it, and get clear with yourself on the impact of using that coping mechanism. Not saying you need to go cold turkey overnight or become abstinent, but when you allow yourself to feel what’s really there underneath your blanked of complacency, you’ll feel so much more satisfied with your life. Perhaps there’s a new, healthier hobby you can pick up to help you work through your frustration or discomfort.



Affirmation: I’m back, like I never left.

Devote this month to: Reconnecting with those you’ve lost touch with.

Gemini, it’s so great to finally see you thriving again! I keep saying that 2019 is Cancer/Capricorn’s year, but the truth is you’ve been killing it this whole time (and things are only going to go up from here - just wait til 2020/2021). This month, the sun is in your third house, whose themes of communication, travel and childhood make it most analogous to your sign.. which means you’re in your element! It’s finally time for you to put yourself back out there after your period of rest and hibernation. Who haven’t you talked to in a while? Do you have to make any amends after July’s Mercury retrograde? Do what you do best and put those communication skills to work. Things might get emotional by the end of the month - and I know how you feel about that - so make sure you’ve got a good circle of people around you who can hold you down if things get tough again. Isolation is tempting, but you’re always better with good people by your side.



Affirmation: I have everything I need within me.

Devote this month to: Staying busy, even when you’re upset.

I know that Cancers aren’t all the way out of the water (pun intended) after eclipse season, but the truth is, life goes on and you have to keep it moving. August is your perfect opportunity to learn how to stay on track even if you’re not feeling your best - just think about how empowered you’ll feel if you’re able to accomplish some of the big things on your to-do list despite everything that’s going on inside of you. Yes, retreating into your shell always feels soothing, but you have big dreams and goals, and there’s only so much you can accomplish from in there! Perhaps this sounds like a tough love lesson, and maybe it is, but just remember that you are the master of your feelings, not the other way around. If you stay on track this month, you’ll be surprised how much comes your way (hello, big promotion and bonus you’ve been wanting). And if not, well, try not to be too hard on yourself, because if there is anything you learned last month, it is that you make everything even more difficult when you put yourself down. Put yourself out there and just see what happens - chances are, you’ll realize you’re so much stronger than you think you are. You can do it!



Affirmation: Nothing distracts me from my goals.

Devote this month to: Stacking your cash in the midst of all the celebration.

You already know this is your season, Leo - so make a point of not letting anything hinder your success. You’ve got some big opportunities that might just fall into your lap at the end of the month, so prepare in whatever ways you see fit. You have to stay focused, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating your birthday! There might be some curveballs along the way, not unlike how the rest of the year’s been going up until now, but as long as you stay centered on yourself, you’ll be good. Don’t let anything stop your shine (not that I thought you would anyway) and release the desire to control what’s out of your grasp. There is a time to be proactive, and there is a time to just let things happen as they’re meant to… and I’d say this is a time where the latter applies. Keep at it, head up, and just wait and see how it all unfolds. It can be exciting to sit in that uncertainty, especially when you know it will all work out in the end!



Affirmation: I know what to do, I don’t need more answers.

Devote this month to: Recording and analyzing your dreams.

Virgo’s subconscious has been on overdrive this whole year, and during August it gets kicked into hyperdrive. Pay attention to the voices in your head rather than drowning them out! There is so much going on inside you in between the moments where you’re working and “doing,” so make sure you’re giving yourself time to just BE in the midst of it all. Sometimes the busier you are, the less productive you actually are. If you don’t already have a routine for getting in touch with what’s going on inside you, now would be a great time to cultivate a meditation practice or begin a spiritual journey. I don’t need to tell you what a confusing point in time this is for you, but do consider that the more you try to force yourself to figure it out (likely by spinning your wheels in a circle, trying to get somewhere without a destination), the more confused you will become. When you tune into yourself, allowing yourself to just be still and quiet, you’ll be surprised how much easier it all comes together. Let this be the month that you break free of analysis paralysis and tap into something that is greater than yourself.



Affirmation: The people in my life support me and lift me up.

Devote this month to: Deepening your relationships with significant people in your network.

Who do you surround yourself with, Libra? Chances are you’ve been asking yourself the same question lately. Hopefully you’re reflecting on all the good people in your life and how thankful you are for them. Your judgement has been sharpening lately, and as you build up a good group of people around you, you’re realizing how much more prosperity will come your way with the right company. You’ve been up to big things in 2019, and connecting with like-minded individuals is beneficial out for all of you! You might want to make new connections this month, but more than anything, I imagine that you’ll feel drawn to celebrate the people who are already in your life. Your reciprocal energy can be used for mutual benefit here - you invest in the people who treat you well, and they will invest right back into you. Are there new business relationships you can formalize, or friends you want to connect with more intimately? Now is your chance! Once you know who’s solid, you won’t be thrown off guard when the OTHER people around you start exposing themselves at the end of the month.



Affirmation: My dreams are worth sharing with the world.

Devote this month to: Taking concrete steps to building your empire.

This month is all about your career, Scorpio! You’ve been developing new ideas and reflecting on what’s next for you - and now’s the time to put it all into practice. Having the sun in your tenth house can make you feel a bit exposed, like you’re up on a stage in front of everyone… I know you don’t necessarily love that, but you have to see the publicity as an opportunity. The more you put yourself out there, the more feedback you’ll get on your progress thus far, and the more chances you’ll have to meet the right people who can help you get to the next level. Communicate, share, and ask for what you need, even if it makes you feel vulnerable - you’ll be surprised what comes your way. Oh, and try to bring a sense of play and fun to whatever you’re working on! You want to make sure that you’re bringing an open, inviting energy to your work, so that the people around you can really see the vision you’re sharing (rather than the fear or anxiety ABOUT sharing you might experience). People want to learn from you; they inherently respect you, and it’s up to you to give people a reason to retain that sense of respect.



Affirmation: Everything is falling into place for me.

Devote this month to: Bringing your unique creative flair to whatever you’re working on.

This month, you finally get clarity on your vision - seeing how it all comes together is a Sag specialty, but you might have felt a bit lost or confused the past few weeks. During Virgo season, you’ll see it all come to fruition, but before then, take some time to get clear on your goals and priorities. What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Because you’re so long-term focused, it might be hard for you to connect the day-to-day reality of your life right now to the place that you want to end up, but make a point of using your visionary skills to connect the two! Makes sense, right? This is your time to connect to what’s beyond, bring inspiration back into your daily life... and maybe even let loose a bit! August is a great time to take a trip, have an adventure you’ve been planning for a while, and explore the what and why of it all.



Affirmation: I’m stronger than my demons.

Devote this month to: Sharing your deepest, darkest fears with people who will listen.

You’re tired of me bringing up what a tough year it’s been for you, right Capricorn? So let’s get to the bottom of all this by delving deep into the darkest parts of your psyche. When the sun is in your eighth house, it illuminates all of the parts of you that you don’t express in polite company. However, when you bring light to these parts, they loosen up their grip, and suddenly don’t seem so ugly anymore. Can you start to laugh at your demons a bit? Get out of your head and share what’s been bothering you this year - chances are, you can find someone who relates to whatever struggle you’ve been going through. By the end of the month, you might find that there is a blessing in your ability to share your challenges with the people around you, where you can help others and level up yourself simultaneously. If all of this sounds far-fetched right now, I understand - start by journaling, writing down your innermost ruminations and anxieties if you don’t already. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to get your thoughts out of your head… once they’re out there, you’ll see what little power they have over you and your ability to kick ass no matter the circumstances.



Affirmation: My relationships are a blessing, even when they challenge me.

Devote this month to: Getting clear on how YOU show up to the people in your life.

Aquarius, this is the time of year where you’re most ambivalent about it all - you’re simultaneously titillated by what’s going on with the people around you, and completely sick of everyone’s shit. Maybe you’re wishing that everyone could take it down a notch during Leo season, or frustrated that someone isn’t stepping up to the plate. Instead of getting defensive and pinning whatever’s wrong on them, focus instead on how you’re contributing to whatever’s been bothering you. After all, you can only control yourself and how you react to situations! This might be an uncomfortable process if you’re not used to deep introspection, as you have to confront the darker parts of your personality it’s more comfortable to shield… but remember you’re doing this for YOURSELF. You don’t need to share what you uncover with anyone else, but do adjust your behavior accordingly. As you make peace with others, you make peace with yourself, and we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief together.



Affirmation: I succeed, and I enjoy succeeding.

Devote this month to: Returning to an old project.

I’m glad you’re starting to feel like yourself again, Pisces! August could very well be the month that you return to what you started at the beginning of the year, creating the structures necessary to take it to the next level. Bring the same creative, artistic spirit that you bring to everything else into your routine and you can create a life that is sustainable, supportive, and that feels good to live from day-to-day. You’ve been sticking to yourself the past few months but once Virgo season rolls around, that might all change - expect people to pop out of the woodwork, either associates from the past or completely new individuals you wouldn’t expect to meet. Keep your expectations moderate - you already know that people think they can get one over on you all the time - but explore what people have to offer and see if there is anything for you in what they’re sharing. The people around you can help you if you use good judgement, but just remember that YOU are ultimately the master of your own destiny. You won’t let anyone get you off track this month, I hear that loud and clear for you!

Elena Sakopoulos