2019 Horoscopes

Photo by Tyson Dudley on Unsplash

Photo by Tyson Dudley on Unsplash


2019 is a transitional year for all of the cardinal signs, and that includes you, first and fastest Aries! Career, public image, and the legacy you’re leaving behind have been on your mind for a couple years now, and this is the year you see the developments you’ve been waiting for. It may feel like a lot of pressure at first, but if you work with the energy this could be the ultimate breakthrough year. Grind like you know how to grind and expect a promotion or other shift in your work situation soon. Make a point of exposing yourself to new ideas and philosophies this year, as you may find the inspiration to keep you afloat during what might be a stressful time.


Expect the unexpected in 2019, Taurus! With Uranus, the planet of changes, breakthroughs, and instability transiting through your sign for the first time since 1942, you get an electric shock of energy this year. There could be major changes in how you see yourself and present yourself to the world, and rapid fluctuations in your self-worth and overall happiness that leave you winded. This is a time of major-grade reflection for a sign that does not prefer change, and if you take it slow this year you may find yourself entering 2020 ready to start afresh. If this year starts to get overwhelming with all of the high peaks and extreme lows, find some grounding in a spiritual practice or belief set that will help you stay focused on what ultimately matters.


This is an in-between sort of year for Geminis, where you will have interesting and eye-opening experiences. This may be the case in social situations, travel, school… Gemini is a sign that lives life for the sake of living, and though you may find yourself looking for hidden meaning in experiences you may have once taken at face value, there is a lot to enjoy and savor this year. With Jupiter opposite your sign in Sagittarius, it may not aways feel like luck is on your side, but take this as an opportunity to test what you can accomplish through hard work and faith alone. And also… the flip side of a Jupiter opposition transit is that this may be the year you find love, or start another sort of beneficial long-term partnership!


This is your year if you claim it, Cancer! The North Node is in your sign for the majority of 2019, suggesting that whatever happens is fated for your ultimate growth and development. Hard work pays off this year, and on the flip side, it is imperative that you don’t derive too much of your self-worth from the work that you’re doing. If you focus on undoing old beliefs regarding yourself, your productivity, and your worthiness, there is a real opportunity for breakthroughs that are even further-reaching than your career aspirations. Examine your habits, your routine, and how you can work smarter, not harder. And once the people around you see how you’ve been killing it, you’ll get a whole new respect from friends, family, and colleagues.

LEO ♌️

Vibrant and beautiful Leo, this year you are restructuring your emotional architecture. There are changes beyond your understanding regarding your public image and how others see you - and being the natural performer that you are, it may make you uncomfortable not to have control over how this unfolds. Take this opportunity to get clear on what YOU want and what your own interests are, and detangle these inner truths from what may have been projected onto you. Any new hobbies or creative endeavors you start this year will be highly rewarding! Uranus squaring your sign may lead to unexpected shakeups, which can initially seem either really positive or really negative, so brace yourself and enjoy the ride.


Virgo is not always a sign that is noted for its positivity and optimism, but in 2019, this might change. With Jupiter transiting through your Fourth House of roots and emotions, there is a sense of joy and euphoria that all Virgos can enjoy this year. Any new developments regarding Fourth House themes will be beneficial and successful  - if your home and family life has been challenged over the last few years, you’re being asked to take it upon yourself and work towards a resolution. You may experience some confusion regarding others’ actions and motivation, so take it upon yourself to put YOU first this year.


Libra is another sign that undergoes a major transition this year. There has been years of emotional and family turmoil plaguing Libras, and though your sign has always taken these themes seriously, in 2019 you get really real about how these dynamics play out in your life. You can’t control everything (or anything…), even if as a cardinal sign you would like to think that there is always something you can do to make things better. Sometimes you have to get comfortable with where you’re at rather than pushing for improvement and self-development - and if you allow yourself to see the lessons that underlie it all, you will emerge on the other side with a deeper sense of inner peace and stability.


This year is about communication and self-expression, Scorpio. In 2019, all of your challenges with putting yourself out there and receiving public recognition get supercharged, and you find yourself in situations where you are forced to learn more quickly than you may have expected. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, so step up even if you feel you’re past your comfort zone - I’ve personally never met a Scorpio who would back down from a challenge. Be cautious when dealing with friends and partners this year - people may not be what they seem, or they may intentionally or subconsciously try to mislead you. Don’t back away from new relationships, but rely on yourself and remember that your worth is not defined by others’ approval.


Lucky Sag is even luckier in 2019! This is the year you get your life right - with Jupiter in the sign it rules (your sign!) you have a golden touch as it transits all the way through. The last few years have been tumultuous and you may be on a completely different path than you expected you would be in 2015, but now that you’re here, you’ll start seeing confirmation that you’re on the right path. Keep up the work you’ve been putting in, remember what you’re doing what you’re doing, and return often to the faith for which Sags are so infamous. If you play your cards right, you’ll see a major financial breakthrough in 2020, right when things start to get tough for many of the other signs.


With Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all in Capricorn getting ready to pile up for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME conjunction, our Sea-Goat friends enter the pressure cooker in 2019. You get to redefine your identity and your sense of self-worth over the next twelve months, but because Capricorns are so goal-oriented, this year may feel frustrating or unpredictable. The lessons and challenges that come up for you may not ultimately be what you expected to deal with so soon, and you may be reluctant to face these issues head on. Rest assured that life will not allow you to push your dirt down (not that it ever has), and if you allow the process of releasing to unfold, you will be able to take over the world soon enough.


Phew! Last year was full of shakeups for Aquarians, and in 2019 you can fully integrate what you learned and finally move forward in a new way. A big theme here is sharing your new experiences and wisdom with the world and in your social circles, especially since Aquarians serve so much of their identity from the groups they are a part of. Though you can enjoy some forward momentum, move slowly in 2019, and take the time you need to make sense of where you are, how you got here, and where you’re going now. Uranus squaring your sign may lead to unexpected shifts in your priorities, major life and family events, or the discovery of new talents and abilities.


In 2019, Pisces get to share their talents and hobbies with the world. If you’ve been nursing a passion project, this is the time to move towards making money off of your work. Know that any new career moves you make will be highly successful this year, but you may encounter jealousy or sabotage in your social groups. However, Pisces are tougher than they let on, and you are now in a place where you don’t need to let this sort of negativity get you down any longer. Stick to what you know and with what you love and the success is practically guaranteed.