My Hidden Gift Is Astrology. What’s Yours?

I’m Elena, a self-taught astrologer with a passion for helping others uncover their true selves. Originally from Northern California, I’ve been based in Chicago for the last eight years, and see clients both in-person and online. With over four years of experience and certification from the NCGR-PAA, I am well-equipped to help you make sense of your astrological birth chart. 

Astrology found me when I desperately needed a more expansive view of the world, and it is my hope that through working together, I can help you access the same. I love what I do because I’m able to help people uncover the patterns that weave through their lives, get clear on what’s holding them back, and understand how to move forward - working with, not against, themselves. I believe that astrology is for everyone, regardless of your background, financial situation, or exposure to spirituality and the healing arts. A socially conscious astrology is personally and collectively liberating - the more of us who are able to unlock the secrets of the universe and see the bigger forces at play, the more we can all get free from the systems that are designed to get us down.

During an astrological reading, we can uncover the hidden gifts that are spelled out in your chart, discuss any challenges or opportunities that lie ahead for you, and explore how to use astrology in your everyday life. Book a session with me when you’re at a crossroads in your life, when you’re planning a major life transition, or if you could use some personal insight to boost self-esteem. I also offer subscription-based services for those interested in ongoing guidance or who are looking to build their own reading skills. Astrology is a powerful tool for transformation and healing, and I am excited to explore more of it together!

I am particularly interested in working with clients who identify as activists, healers, or members of any historically oppressed or disenfranchised social group (e.g. LGBTQIA+, People of Color, working-class individuals, migrants).